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Hello! I’m Charmaine and I am a Canadian who lived abroad for six years straight.Ā I moved home to Toronto, Canada in April 2018 after I learnt to appreciate my home city from my tough experiences abroad.

Prior to that, I have lived across three continents. During my third year of university, I left home for the first time and embarked on a study exchange to Singapore. When I graduated, I went to Quebec (a French region in Canada) and Paris to teach English to French students. After picking up some French and wanting a change, I decided to land in Hong Kong! I spent four years there, practicing my Cantonese, completing my Masters and worked in the education sector.

This blog is a collection of my experiences living in these cities as well as tips and advice to help you live abroad successfully. I want to take the things I (and others) have learned and provide them as a valuable resource for you!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start sharing our experiences together!


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