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Writing is a powerful tool because it allows you to communicate your opinions and thoughts on paper. It is something that we use on an everyday basis especially writing emails and assignments for school. If your work is full of grammar mistakes, it will not leave a good impression to the reader and can make you lose credibility. Therefore, I wrote a full review to recommend Grammarly so you can put an end to grammar and spelling mistakes – once and for all!

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Grammarly who has given me a one-month free premium service so that I can show you how great it is!  It also contains affiliate links, meaning that I will receive a small commission to continue supporting my website.

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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free writing app that you can download on your computer to check your grammar for all your messages, documents, and social media posts. It can help you improve your writing instantly as you type – whether that is email or on your blog.

What are the top features that make it a great app to download?  Here are the top three reasons from me:

1. Syncs with your Browser

You need to write on the web all the time. Whether it is for sending emails or writing social media posts, you want to make sure your writing is top-notch and of good quality. This is why I loved having Grammarly installed right into my browser so it can help me check my work as I quickly type on my keyboard. All you have to do is download an extension for your web browser (available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox) and then it will automatically detect all your mistakes. Look at the example below for my email message:

Grammarly Email

2. Provide Strong Vocabulary Choices

Let’s be honest. No one likes repetitive words. If you keep using the same words in the paragraph, it becomes boring to readers. Below is a real blog post that I was writing. I’m not always creative in using the best words, but Grammarly sure is! They told me that ‘good’ is overused, and suggested me to use a better word such as ‘excellent.’ If you don’t like the word they suggested, you can ignore it, but it is nice to be presented with some choices without killing your brain cells!

Grammarly Suggestions

3. Fixes Confusing Grammar

Even as a native English speaker, I can sometimes make mistakes. We have many homonyms in the English language, such as ‘two’ or ‘too.’ When you are typing fast, it is easy to type the wrong one. Grammarly can detect the mistake based on the context of how it is used and asks you to review it. It can also do the same for punctuation, such as adding commas or an article (the, a, an). These are simple things I can easily miss but Grammarly provides great suggestions for me!

Grammarly is completely free to use, and all you have to do is register with your email to get started. Then watch how Grammarly does the magic in correcting all your work! It will change how you write and make you a better writer. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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Written by Charmaine | The Canadian Wanderer
Charmaine Yip is a Canadian who has lived abroad since 2012. She is currently working in the education industry in-between Toronto and Hong Kong. Prior to that, she has lived in Canada, Singapore and France.