Over the years, living abroad has taught me to open my eyes and to be more aware of my surroundings and the cultural differences. I was very fortunate to work with other sites to share my experiences such as my experiences in Hong Kong and how I got to work abroad in Paris, France.

Take a look through my portfolio below.

My column on EJ Insight:

I’ve had an opportunity to open my own column on the English version of Hong Kong’s Economic Journal.

Canadian love-hate relationship with Hong Kong

Struggles of ethnic Chinese expats in Hong Kong

Life of a part-time expat student in Hong Kong

Things I love and hate about Hong Kong

Student Life Network:

Language Programs Can Change Your Life 

4 Challenges With Falling In Love Abroad (And How to Overcome Them) 

Featured Publications:

Reroute Lifestyle: Living Abroad in Your 20s

Wellington World Travels: Expat Life in Hong Kong

Go Abroad: 20 Unique Perspectives on Meaningful Travel

Life After Study Abroad: Reverse Culture Shock in Coming Home

Digital Nomad Mastery: Interview about Living and Working Abroad

Nomad Wallet: Work Abroad Teaching Assistant in France

The Working Traveler: Workers of the World Weekly Feature

Articles Reposted on Other Websites:

Where To Now: The Harsh Reality of Living Abroad (Repost)

Conversation Exchange: How to Learn a Language by Yourself (Repost)

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