HerHouse – Solo Female Travel App for Free Accommodation

HerHouse is a new app created with solo female travellers in mind. If you want to find a safe place to live while traveling, you have to try out this app! In this article, we will learn more about the app from Tess, the founder of the HerHouse app. About the HerHouse App What is […]

How to Write the Perfect Volunteering Profile for Free Accommodation

Volunteering abroad is a great way to see the world, while also contributing to a community, and immersing yourself in a new culture and language. This is a post written in collaboration with my friend, who volunteers and travels as her lifestyle. She is an active member of the HelpX community since 2018. In the […]

5 Amazing Work Exchange Sites for Free Accommodation

Work exchange is a great way to afford long-term travel and to have unique experiences while enjoying free accommodation from hosts. If you are a budget traveller and you want to stay on the road longer, this is an article for you!

5 Websites for Free Accommodation and Travel Longer

Accommodation costs can be a big chunk of your budget while travelling. If you want to save money and find free accommodation to travel longer, I’ve got you covered! In this article, I will be recommending websites that allow you to find hosts that you can live with, after you purchase a membership to the […]

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