Life in Hong Kong

5 Reasons Why This Canadian Left Hong Kong and Moved Home

I spent the last four years in Hong Kong. For those who have been to Hong Kong, you know that it is a city of spectacle – a city that never sleeps. In the evenings, the neon street signs are even brighter than the day. There is non-stop entertainment. It is a city that has […]

My Love-Hate Relationship with Hong Kong

Without realizing it, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for more than two years. I’ve had a constant love-hate relationship with Hong Kong even before I arrived from Toronto in 2014. As a young child, I visited the city where my parents once lived and another time as an adult, and both times I pledged that […]

Struggles of Ethnic Chinese Expats in Hong Kong

With the mass migration of Hong Kong families to Western countries amid fears over the Communist takeover of the territory in 1997, it is no wonder there are a number of second-generation returnees in the city today. The trend has picked up momentum since 2015 after the government rolled out incentives to woo the children of Hong […]

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