Living Abroad

How to Teach English in Japan as a Canadian

If you want to teach English in Japan, this article will give you all the information you need about the interview process, salary and what it is like teaching in elementary and junior high schools in Japan. Introduction Can you tell us a little about yourself? I’m Jenny, but all my students find it more […]

10 Tips to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

International long distance relationships are just like any other relationship – it involves two committed individuals who are working hard to be with one another. The difference is that your partner is in another city or country and you cannot see each other as much as you would like to. Factor in time zone differences, […]

5 Reasons Why This Canadian Left Hong Kong and Moved Home

I spent the last four years in Hong Kong. For those who have been to Hong Kong, you know that it is a city of spectacle – a city that never sleeps. In the evenings, the neon street signs are even brighter than the day. There is non-stop entertainment. It is a city that has […]

4 Hard Challenges to Overcome When You Fall in Love Abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting time. It is an opportunity for one to grow while discovering a new culture, learning a language and meeting new friends. For most people, these three factors are already exciting enough to not even think of the possibility of falling in love with someone overseas. But like most things in […]

How to Work and Travel as a Digital Nomad with a Family

Ricky Shetty is a business coach for entrepreneurs, who teaches people how to make money online and create a nomad lifestyle. He travels around the world with his wife and three kids around the world. Background Information Where are you originally from?  I’m originally from Vancouver, BC, Canada Where do you currently live?  We are […]

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