Living Abroad

How to Teach in South Korea as an English Teacher

If you are considering to teach English in South Korea, this interview will give you a first-person account on how to live and survive in South Korea. My friend, Sean, taught for ten years and will guide you on how to become an English teacher in South Korea. He also taught in Quebec, Canada and […]

How to Become a Digital Nomad as a Serial Entrepreneur

Adrian is a university dropout from New York who felt the traditional educational system was not for him. He wanted to travel and so he kept researching until he founded his own business and became a digital nomad. His story is very inspirational and I’m so excited to share with you today! “I basically told […]

How to Find Travel Deals as a Job with Giovanni

Giovanni is a travel deal hunter from Italy. He spends his time online looking for the best travel deals and gets to work anywhere in the world! What is your name and where are you originally from? I’m Giovanni and I am from Italy Where do you currently live? Hard to answer. Right now I […]

Teaching English as an Expat in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Frances is an English teacher living in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for over a year with her boyfriend. She talks about their expat life and what it is like living Ho Chi Minh City as an English teacher! This interview was first conducted in 2017 and the content here is to help you with your […]

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