HerHouse – Solo Female Travel App for Free Accommodation

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HerHouse is a new app created with solo female travellers in mind. If you want to find a safe place to live while traveling, you have to try out this app!

In this article, we will learn more about the app from Tess, the founder of the HerHouse app.

About the HerHouse App

What is the HerHouse app?

HerHouse is an app that makes it easy for solo women travelers to connect with background checked hosts so they have safe places to stay and save money while traveling.

How does the HerHouse app work?

When you log into the app, you will create a profile with likes, dislikes, and hosting/meetup availability. When you are going to travel, go ahead and grab a membership for the amount of time that you will be traveling. I have memberships ranging from one month all the way to a lifetime membership.

You can search for hosts in the city where you are headed and send her a homestay request with the dates of when you will be in her area. The request will go into the chat and you will also receive an email notifying you that you successfully submitted your request. You can chat back and forth in the app or you can email back and forth. I highly recommend calling and ideally video chatting with your host or guest before meeting up.

After your homestay be sure to rate and review your host to give her host reward points!

What was your inspiration behind the HerHouse app?

My personal experience of solo backpacking through Australia was a major inspiration for the app. I stayed with locals on a regular basis while traveling and not only did I have cool local experiences, I also saved a bunch of money in the process. When I came back to the USA, I told my friends what I did. They thought I was crazy staying with locals. So, I thought about how cool it would be to have an app that already had these great locals who you could connect with and stay with for free while traveling.

Having the background check for the hosts and guests creates a level of security and trust that I didn’t have while traveling. While building the app I always came back to the question: “would I have appreciated this while solo traveling?” And the answer was always a heck yes!

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What makes HerHouse different from other platforms?

HerHouse is different from other platforms in several ways.

  1. It is an all-female community so the users feel safe while connecting with the other members.
  1. Both hosts and guests need to be background checked and I cover all of the expenses for the global background checks.
  1. There is a membership fee to contact other members. This may seem annoying to some, but it actually creates a barrier of protection for the users because it helps keep bad people from coming into the app and attempting to lure women into unsafe situations.
  1. I offer Host Rewards for the hosts ranging from swag, to luggage, flight vouchers, and all the way up to paid holidays .
  1. Since the app is off from other social media platforms, I have more control and it is easier to regulate than a Facebook group.
  1. I offer virtual member support calls twice a month where members can virtually get together to ask questions, meet other members, and develop a global community.

How can women ensure that they are safe with their hosts?

I use a 3rd party provider called Sterling Volunteers. They perform global background checks for volunteer organizations. They perform a basic check including a government watch list and the DOJ sex Offender list. 

Having the background checks is definitely helpful and helps the users feel safe. The profiles can give you a good feel for the host to make sure you would like to stay with her. However, I cannot guarantee safety so I recommend video chatting with your host and making sure you feel comfortable staying with her.

When I was traveling, I trusted my gut a lot when I was staying with locals. If something doesn’t feel right, make sure you listen to that.

What is your proudest moment in creating this app?

We recently won an award! The Gamechanger Awards from Full Time Travel is the first annual travel awards which celebrates the people, brands, products and destinations changing the way we travel now. Even though the Technology category was very competitive, they were excited to award HerHouse because they really admired the purpose of the company!

Your Personal Experience

HerHouse - Tess and Host
Tess, Founder of HerHouse, and her host in Florida.

What was your experience staying with a host from HerHouse?

Recently I stayed with HerHouse Host Jodi in New Smyrna Beach Florida. It was such a special experience! We had beach days, floated one of Florida’s beautiful freshwater springs, and since I was saving so much money on accommodation, I was able to treat Jodi to a Dolphin Kayaking tour! She was getting out and experiencing new things while I was there so it was a treat for her as a host too.

What advice do you have for someone who is going on their first solo trip with HerHouse?

Be kind and respectful always. You are going to someone’s sacred space – her home. I would recommend offering to help cook/clean and if you can take your host out to dinner or on a local tour, that can be a treat!

Solo traveling is a magical experience so make the connection, book the flight, and go! You will have memories and new friendships that will last a lifetime.

HerHouse Membership

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What hosts are currently on the HerHouse app?

We have users in over 40 countries so far but not all are hosts or have open availability. So the best thing to do is to get on the app and search for your travel city and see if there are any available hosts in the area. The app is still very new (approved into the app stores in Feb 2022) so the host base will continue to grow over time.

Can members travel with other people (i.e. Partner, pet, children)?

Ideally the app is designed for solo women travellers. However, if you are traveling with your pet or child, you are welcome to submit a homestay request. Simply let the host know who you are traveling with to make sure she has room and feels comfortable.

This app is not for couples traveling together. At some point, I may create a branch for men, couples, or even families.

How many days can members stay with hosts? Is there a maximum number of days?

I have a 3-night max set for homestay requests so that the guests do not become burdens on the hosts. However, the hosts are welcome to host the traveler for as long as she feels comfortable. She will get a host reward point for each night the guest stays with her.

Signing up for Membership

How can someone become a member?

You can become a member by signing up on the “Memberships” page. Simply choose the membership that is best for you, pay the fee, and then you will be directed to submit your free background check. You can also get 10% off on any membership type with my promo code: CAWANDERER.

As of May 2022, here is what is included in every membership:

  • Unlimited free homestays in the HerHouse community
  • safe local connections all over the world
  • your background check
  • rewarding your hosts
  • 2 monthly zoom support calls to ask questions, develop a global network, and meet hosts and travel buddies virtually
  • 14 day refund guarantee

In the near future, I will also offer home sitting, home swapping, girls getaways, retreats, swag, and more!


How do you download the app?

The app is now available on Google Play and Apple App store.

I am so happy that I got an opportunity to talk to Tess about her app! I love supporting the travel community and one of the ways I do this is by providing resources for budget travel!

Is this an app that you would want to try in the near future? Let me know if you have any comments or questions below!

HerHouse – Solo Female Travel App for Free Accommodation

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