How to Work and Travel as a Digital Nomad with a Family

Daddy Blogger - Interview with The Canadian Wanderer

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Ricky Shetty is a business coach for entrepreneurs, who teaches people how to make money online and create a nomad lifestyle. He travels around the world with his wife and three kids around the world.

I’m originally from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Where do you currently live? 

We are currently nomadic so don’t have a permanent home. At the time of this interview, we are in Quito, Ecuador and traveling around South America. I consider home to be the entire world rather than just one specific city.

How do you describe the work that you do?

Currently, I’m a full-time digital nomad, making multiple streams of online income including Private Coaching, Mastermind Groups, Online Courses, Podcasts, YouTube Ad Revenue, Travel Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and Virtual Summits.

Travel Experiences

How did you start travelling?

In my 20s, I did Working Holiday Visas around the world including working in England, teaching in Japan, and studying in Australia.

Daddy Blogger - Interview with The Canadian Wanderer

Nomad Lifestyle

Why did you choose this nomad lifestyle? 

In my 20s, I had got the Travel Bug and lived outside of Canada for 7 years continuously from 2001 – 2008 (I never returned “home” for the entire 7 year period). I visited over 50 countries by the time I hit 30 years old.

In 2008, I came back to Vancouver and in 2009, I met my wife and we got married and had 3 kids. I had become a Domesticated Dad but I still longed and yearned for a life of adventure, travel, and variety. After multiple deep conversations with my wife, we made the radical decision to sell everything and travel the world with our 3 young children. It was one of the best decision of our lives and we look back with no regret!

How do you choose your locations and where to live?

My goal is to visit every country in the world and I’m strategic about doing a continent at a time.

I base myself in different countries before making my way around the continent. When I was based in London, I took the opportunity to travel to over 20 countries in Europe. Then when I based myself in Tokyo, I travelled to most countries in Asia. Lastly, when I based myself in Sydney, I explored Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).

Now, we are focused on Central and South America. Next, will be the Middle East and Africa.

Daddy Blogger - Interview with The Canadian Wanderer

Coaching Experiences

How did you get started as a coach?

Private coaching requires Experience and Expertise in a certain area. There are many “general life coaches” but I chose to specifically focus on 3 major areas of coaching: teaching people how to make, market, and monetize a blog, teaching people how to build up a social media following of 100,000+ people, and teaching people how to become Digital Nomads.

I started by offering free calls to family and friends to build up my confidence as a coach and to get testimonies and case studies. I still offer a no-obligation 100% complimentary session to new prospects to see if we are a right fit for a coaching relationship. I also interviewed several coaches on my podcast to see what made them successful. In addition, I read a few books to improve my coaching skills.

What is your favourite thing on the job? 

RESULTS! My favourite thing is to see my clients take massive action and achieve massive results. One of my favourite quotes is “Dream Big, Act Bigger.” I motivate and inspire my clients to take radical action by holding them accountable to meet their goals by a deadline. I’ve seen clients go from being paralyzed by fear and self-doubt to booking their plane tickets to travel the world. It’s extremely fulfilling to see my clients dreams fulfilled and them giving me credit for being a part of their journey.

What is your least favourite thing on the job? 

SALES – my least favourite part is “closing.” I am much more focused on relationships so when it costs to ask them to purchase a Coaching Program, I struggle at times. I also don’t like it when clients drop out of a long-term coaching program early as I feel they cut themselves short when they were about to have a major breakthrough. The final part I don’t like is that it’s 100% Active Income. I am still trading hours for dollars and working to get paid. Currently, I am working on building up my Passive Income Streams including Udemy Courses, Kindle Books, YouTube Ad Revenue, and Affiliate Commissions.

Daddy Blogger - Interview with The Canadian Wanderer

What does your schedule look like? How do you plan your time? 

I don’t have a “typical” day since we do a mix of fast and slow travel. I like to spend at least 1 month in each country. For bigger countries, we might spend more time and for smaller countries, we might spend less time. I typically work mornings and evenings while taking afternoons off to enjoy time with family to enjoy some sightseeing and integrating into the local culture.

I do my Coaching Calls, Podcast Interviews, and Course Creation in the mornings and Mastermind Groups, Video Blog Uploading, and Travel Blogging in the evenings. Currently, a lot of my focus is going into my Digital Nomad Mastery – Virtual Summit happening this Fall.

Final Advice

What is your advice for someone who wants to start a similar lifestyle? 

Instead of being the “Just Do It” person, be the “JUST DID IT” person! I like being the person who just did the Great Wall of China, just did the Taj Mahal, just did the Great Barrier Reef, just did an Animal Safari, just did Iguazu Falls, just did Machu Picchu, etc. I have already done all those things. I have already done a Sky Dive, a Bungee Jump, a Paraglide, a Parasail, etc. Focus on completion, not dreaming, hoping, and wishing. I would recommend focusing on a COMPLETED LIST instead of a Bucket List.

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Ricky Shetty is the owner and operator of the popular family travel website Daddy Blogger, where he inspires parents to travel more with their children, and the founder of Digital Nomad Mastery, an online training academy focused on helping aspiring and new digital nomads make multiple streams of online income through various educational products and services. Ricky is currently travelling around the world with his wife Anne and their 3 young kids Rianne, Ryan, and Renzo.

Ricky Shetty is a blogging coach and full-time digital nomad, who makes money online while traveling the world with his family.

The Jobs on the Road is an original series that focuses on how real people make money on the road while traveling. This series is meant to inspire and to show you how real people can maintain the best of both worlds: traveling and building a career. If you are interested in participating or to learn more about the project, please view here

How to Work and Travel as a Digital Nomad with a Family

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