MatchFamilies App – Find Like-Minded Friends for Digital Nomads

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Making friends as an adult is challenging. 

As someone who moved alone and lived in 3 different countries, I can relate to the struggle of making friends in a new city.

For a digital nomad family, this is even more difficult as more people are involved (ex. parents and kids) and they are always on the move.

That is why Dzhangar Sanzhiev created MatchFamilies, an app that allows families to meet other families similar to theirs.

Before we get into the app, let’s talk about what defines a digital nomad family and some of the challenges they face while exploring the world. 

What is a digital nomad family? 

A digital nomad family are location-independent people who travel full-time with their kid(s) or pet(s) while making an income online.

Although digital nomads are depicted as 20-somethings working on a beach with a laptop, they are no longer the only ones. Families have also decided to embrace this nomadic lifestyle. 

COVID-19 has shown the world that working and learning online is now possible with the help of technology. 

Parents who have always dreamed of travelling full-time packed their bags and gave their kids an opportunity to see the world in the most natural and authentic way: the environment itself. 

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Challenges of being a Digital Nomad Family 

Although there are many advantages to travelling the world as a family, there are also drawbacks that can make it challenging.

For young children specifically, they need a routine, a sense of familiarity and a support network that is essential for their growth and development. 

This can be difficult for a nomad family as they are constantly adapting to different time zones, and new physical environments and are always on the move. 

Introducing MatchFamilies: An App to Make Friends Online

MatchFamilies app - Bringing families together to meet like-minded friends.

MatchFamilies is a new app that helps families find like-minded friends, no matter where they are in the world. 

The app was created by Dzhangar Sanzhiev who moved to Germany from Kalmyk Republic, Russia with his wife and two kids.

Seeing how difficult it was to make friends as a family, he decided to take action and created an app to find friends online quickly and easily. 

Who is MatchFamilies for? 

MatchFamilies is inclusive to people of all genders, races, nationalities and religious backgrounds.

This app is for families/couples (any gender) with or without kids, or single parents who:

  • moved to another place (e.g. city or country) 
  • moved internationally (e.g. expats, immigrants, digital nomads)
  • would like to expand their social circle and make friends with other like-minded families 

What makes MatchFamilies unique and different? 

The goal of MatchFamilies is to help people meet others in the community and improve their social life to fight against isolation, loneliness and lack of social integration. 

Here are the ways how MatchFamilies accomplishes this: 

  • It uses an AI system to find families nearby with similar interests
  • The app has an online chat function where families can speak to one another and arrange meetups and playground dates
  • The app also has a community board where people can access local content, create new events, make announcements and attend family-friendly events. 

Gone are the days when people rely on Facebook groups and forums to meet people. MatchFamilies makes it so much easier to make friends online through their app. 

MatchFamilies App - Community board screenshot - It allows people to access local content, create new events and make announcements

Why is making friends important?   

Making friends is important because it has an impact on one’s mental health and happiness. 

This is proven in a research directed by psychiatrist Robert Waldinger. 

In his TED talk, What makes a good life?, Waldinger shared the results of an 80-years research on true happiness and satisfaction. 

By following the lives of 724 men from young adulthood to old age, he concluded that good relationships kept people healthier and happier, which results in them living longer.

This is why it is important that we form quality relationships with people around us to remain truly satisfied in life.

4 Easy Steps to Find Friends on the MatchFamilies App 

If you are a digital nomad family looking to make friends, you have to give MatchFamilies a try! 

This app is free to download and is available worldwide on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Once you download the app, here are the four steps to get started.  

1. Create a Family Profile

The first thing to do is to make an attractive family profile, so other people get to know who you and your family members are. 

You will be asked to give a nickname to your family, list your location, choose your family interests and indicate information about each family member (i.e. wife, husband, kids) 

MatchFamilies App - Profile screenshot - gives details about your family

2. Find Families in Your Area 

Once you have completed a family profile, MatchFamilies will identify families in your area that match your profile. 

You can then filter profiles further by choosing one or many of these options: search by family, couple or single parent, kids’ ages, occupation, languages, nationality and/ or religion. 

MatchFamilies App - Near Me Screenshot - You can find families in your area and make friends

3. Browse the Profiles and Swipe

Browse the recommended profiles one by one and see if there is anyone that interests you .

Similar to dating apps, you will swipe left to see the next profile or swipe right to show your interest. It will then notify the family that someone is interested in speaking with them. 

MatchFamiles App - Profile Screenshot - Review family profiles and make friends

4. Start Chatting and Build a Connection! 

If the profile you liked also likes your profile back, you will be connected to chat with one another! 

This is the time to learn more about each time, see if you have any funny coincidences or similar experiences and get to know each other a little better! 

If it all works out, make sure you also set a time to meet in person! 

MatchFamilies App - Chat Function - You can chat with people who are similar to you and make friends

Want to learn more about MatchFamilies? 

You can find more information about MatchFamilies on their website, Instagram page or Facebook page.

Don’t forget to download the app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

* This post was sponsored by MatchFamilies. However, all opinions are my own.

MatchFamilies App – Find Like-Minded Friends for Digital Nomads

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